Activity and Wellbeing


Having an active lifestyle is beneficial for both physical and mental health and wellbeing. Many activities also have a significant social aspect to them as well. Research indicates that participation in team sports may be insulating against stress and the negative psychological and physiological reactions it entails.

Health psychology is a field where a good deal of knowledge about physical activity is understood. It often includes elements of physiology and the impact of activity on metabolism, body weight and composure as well a circulation and mental well-being. This field also examines issues at play, sorry for the pun, regarding getting active and both barriers and means of health promotion leading to success in having an active lifestyle. It also often considers the application of mental well-being for the performance of sport, also known as sports psychology.


Hiking (& trail running), Cycling, Tai Chi, Kendo, Skiing, Hockey, Curling, Tennis, Racquetball, Squash, Swimming all are activities I have enjoyed over the years. Many of these are individual activities; others are team or social in nature. Dancing can be therapeutic, aside from being fun. It is also an activity that I have enjoyed for a long time, although I sometimes feel self-conscious about, you might sometimes find me dancing around the kitchen while listening to stirring music and cooking up a storm.