Department of Psychology Camosun College*
Ethics Checklist for Student Research Projects
see also Ethics and CPA Code

This checklist is designed to raise concerns prior to conducting research on / with human participants (subjects) and to ensure all research responsibilities and obligations are met while carrying out research projects at Camosun.

It is important that all students conducting research as part of their coursework at Camosun answer all of these questions before they commence their research projects. If any answers selected are underlined (Yes or No), you MAY be proposing an unethical project. You should discuss and resolve the matter with your Instructor or Lab Assistant. 
Their signature at the end of the checklist will indicate approval to commence with the research project.

*Please attach the completed checklist to your research report when your submit it. *

Please Print:
Your name, as chief investigator ______________________________________

Co-investigators: __________________________________________________

Title of Project: ________________________________________________________

Number and title of course: _______________________________________________

Name of Instructor or Lab Assistant_________________________________________

Questions: Please answer the following questions by circling the appropriate answer.

1. Will the subjects be informed of the nature of their involvement in the collection of data - of all features of the research that reasonably might be expected to influence willingness to participate. YES NO

2. Will the subjects be told that they can discontinue their participation at any time? YES NO

3. Does the study involve concealment from and/or deception of the subjects? YES NO

4. Will deception be used in order to obtain agreement to participate? YES NO

5. Will the participants in your study be aware that they are subjects? YES NO

6. Will subjects or their guardians be asked to sign consent forms? YES NO

7. Will information on your subjects be obtained from third parties? YES NO

8. Are you and/or your associates in a position of power vis-à-vis the subjects? YES NO

9. Is any coercion exerted upon subjects to participate? YES NO

10. Is confidentiality of the subject's identity positively ensured? YES NO

11. In cases where there is the possibility that the subjects' identities can be detected by someone other than the investigator, is the participant's right to withdraw their data respected? YES NO

12. Will the investigator fulfill all of the promises made to the subjects? YES NO

13. Does the study involve physical stress (or the subject's expectation thereof), such as might result from heat, noise, electric shock, pain, sleep loss, deprivation of food and drink, drugs, alcohol? YES NO

14. Does the study involve the indication of mental discomfort in the subject (e.g., fear, anxiety, loss of self-esteem, shame, guilt, embarrassment, becoming aware of personal weaknesses)? YES NO

15. Will all necessary measures be taken to protect the physical safety of the subjects (from dangers such as faulty electrical equipment, poor grounding, lack of oxygen, falls, traffic and industrial accidents, the possibility of hearing or vision loss, and so forth?) YES NO

16. Does the study involve subjects who are legally or otherwise not in a position to give their valid consent to participate (e.g., children or prisoners, mental patients)? YES NO

17. Will non-coded information obtained from subjects be disclosed to third parties? Y N

18. Could a publication of the research results possibly interfere with strict confidentiality? YES NO

19. Could publication of the research results possibly harm the subjects - either directly or through identification with their membership groups? YES NO

20. Are there other aspects of this study that may interfere with the protection of the well-being and dignity of the subjects? YES NO

21. Will the experimenter make all efforts to endure a normal human relationship between subject(s) and investigator after the collection of data has been terminated? Y N

22. In such cases in which subjects are dissatisfied or complain about the research procedures, will the investigator explain to the subjects that they may express their feelings to the chair of the department? YES NO

I approve of the procedures to be used in the project.

_______________________ (sign) ______________________ Date: _______________

*(adopted from Department of Psychology - Simon Fraser University)