Possible questions for Report 2

  1. Describe the role of culture on seeking and receiving adequate healthcare. What are the features of intercultural communication that play a role in moderating the reception of normal healthcare?

  2. What issues does a person experience when becoming a patient and experiencing a hospital stay? How can that affect the health of the patient? 

  3. What ways does the need  for control play out when in the hospital? Also describe ways in which control can be brought back to the patient.

  4. What are the main training and workplace challenges and stressors for doctors and nurses? Outline the possible consequences of excessive stress on doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers.

  5. What is Health Promotion? Develop a hypothetical health promotion campaign and report what is the problem or issue being addressed, how you will address it in terms of getting attitudinal, behavioural or environmental change to occur. 
    Consider what is your target group or audience, the source of the message or information as well as the style of information presentation.  

  6. What is the role that physical activity plays in optimal health from a health promotion model. Describe how physical activity applies to the five components of health, as well as the issues around adherence to physical activity, and the psychological factors affecting performance in exercise and sport.

  7. What are the main factors are involved in adolescent smoking, and how best can people quit smoking once they have started?

  8. What are the bio-psycho-social issues involved in obesity? How can one best address weight control and maintenance?

  9. What are the bio-psycho-social factors involved in eating disorders and what are the typical gender biases present?

  10. Apply the stages of change model to health compromising behaviours and provide examples of how this works with respect to one type of behaviour, unsafe sex, know the bio-psycho-social factors.

  11. Describe the distinction between acute versus chronic pain and methods for the assessment and treatment of pain.