Activity 3 -Sleep and Dreams


For this activity you will need to keep a sleep journal for 7 days.

Each day record what hours you were asleep, and when you woke up from being asleep.
Use a table like this one


What was the average amount of sleep you got each day?

How does that compare a "normal sleep" profile?

Overall do you feel that you get enough sleep on an average week?

When you did wake up, did you remember any dreams? What times of waking were those?

If so explain one of them using one of the four major dream theories.

Part 2

On two days (maybe the weekend), try to set an alarm 30 minute before when you would normaly wake up and see if you can go back to sleep.

Did you go back to sleep? Did you have any lucid dreams?

If so, what were you thinking in your lucid dream? Were you able to influence its course?