Activity 2 - Descriptive Statistics

Dr. R. G. Tonks


For this activity you will be asked to collect some data, develop some basic summary statistics, and you will perform a t-test for significance the data. You will also be asked to report on what conclusions may be drawn from this sample about the general population.


The variables at hand are gender and the number of hats that people own. You are expected to go out into the world and collect responses from two groups of people (5 males and 5 females or 5 no- binary individuals) (you can be one of the people yourself). Take note that for a t-test we use only two categories, but you will have three possible categories of gender to work with and will need to select pairs of them to test. Do not use any identifying information (names), only record the information in the format below:






After you have collected your data follow the information on this link and go to Vassar Stats and complete a t-test of the data. Once that is done, answer the following questions in a word document that you can later post inside brightspace.

What is the independent variable ? What is the dependent variable?

What is your  Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

- for each (separately) of your two selected genders (Male-Female; Female-NonBinary; Male-NonBinary) ?

- What Conclusions can you draw from this study? [hint look at the p-value of the t-test]

- What type of follow up study might you do? Why ?