Psych 110 Lab / Research reports

For each psyc 110 lab you will be asked to produce a report based upon the activities that you and the other members of your working group did for that class. During each Lab class we will follow activity work sheets that will give instructions and research questions for you to follow and consider. The Lab Reports will be due at the beginning of the following Lab class, each student will complete one worth 20 points.

In these reports you will provide an overview of the lab according to the standardized format for typical psychology research reports. We will discuss the important features in class and over the semester your reports will become improved over time.

As such, your report will contain the following sections:


This is where you give a background to the activity including the research question(s) and general issues considered. Each Lab Activity sheet will have questions on it for you to consider, these questions can be used to develop your statement of purpose.

A statement of purpose is the reason or rationale behind your study, why you are doing it and what you hope to learn. This statement might take a few sentences, but basically you want to tell the reader what you are examining and why.


Here you will describe what you did to collect information that you are seeking in the Lab and how you did it. The methods section of a given lab will include the following components:

Participants - here you will describe the participants of the study in a general and "objective" fashion, such as they age, gender or other relevant characteristics.

Materials - here you will describe the materials used, such as a physical apparatus, a survey or questionnaire or any props used.

Procedure - here you will describe the basic procedure followed in conducting the lab, such as the presentation of stimulus materials and the order of presentation and other such events.



Here you describe the results including any statistics that you may have calculated such has the mean, range, standard deviation and levels of significance. In time we will examine these in various labs.



Here you interpret the results against the research questions, did you find what you expected or hypothesized or not? Thoughts and considerations on Why or Why not can be presented here, along with conclusions and ideas about future studies to conduct.


Here you cite your source(s) in APA style such as:

Bhatt, G., Tonks, R.G., Berry, J.W. (2013). Culture in the history of psychology in Canada. Canadian
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