(Sample) Interview Participant Information Sheet PN___________

This is a study of attitudes about yourself and those around you. We request that you complete the Immigrant Identity Interview in which you will be asked about your thoughts of who you are and how they might have changed from before you came to Canada until now.

There is an identification number on the top of this page that we are asking you to keep if you wish to know more about the answers you have provided, this number will allow you to locate your answers, so please retain the upper portion of this page. All interviews will be listened to only by the researchers and their assistants. Your name will not be associated with the interview, only the participant number will be recorded to ensure your anonymity. Further, the interview tapes will be securely stored and will be destroyed when the research has been completed.

Also please remember that your participation in the interview is purely voluntary, and that you can withdraw from answering any or all of the questions if you choose to do so. Should you have any concerns about this questionnaire, you may express them to Dr. William Krane, Chair of the Department of Psychology at Simon Fraser University.

Answers to this interview have been requested by Dr. Randal Tonks, who is conducting research along with Dr. A. C. Paranjpe in their contributions to Research on Immigrations in the Metropolis (RIIM). RIIM is a global project that is focussed on understanding what happens to people as a result of immigration. The information acquired through this project is intended to help everyone with a better understanding the experiences of immigrants and their adjustment to life in Canada.

If you have any comments or questions please contact Randal Tonks, at

299-8695 or 291-3354

Department of psychology
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C. V5A 1S6


I____________________ have read the description on the participant information sheet (above) and I understand the procedures to be used in this study. I also understand that my involvement in this interview may be terminated at any time upon my request.

My signature below certifies that I consent to answering the interview described above.

Date __________________ Signature***_________________________________

*** When you have completed this form, please tear or cut this bottom portion of this consent sheet and return it to the researcher, while keeping the upper information on this paper (with your identification number).***