Culture & Music

In considering the topics of culture and music we can examine how to define a culture and then consider what role  music plays within the structures and functions of the cultures in question.

What is Culture?

Historically there have been many definitions of culture that have been used to understand and measure facets of human cultural life. Typically culture is considered to be aposteriori, learned through socialization or enculturation, altered through acculturation and and culture drift.

Definitions rage from including language, customs, rituals, institutions, common behaviour, common emotional and semiotic systems. Cultural Psychology psyc 288 explores a number of these.

CBC Quirks & Quarks Feb 10, 2018 featured a story on Music and Culture - universal styles for Lullabies, Loves Songs, Healing Songs and Dance Songs.

Roles of Music in Culture:

Ritual for example a Cuban Birthday Party or Carribe (Carnival)

Historical Story Telling (in Antigua Guatemala)


Links to You Tube Performances

Samples of Indian Ragas

also from Dr. YAL's Book this Japanese scale