Operation Disk Drop
did you find a disk? (SEE BELOW)

In 2008 George Stromboloupolis of CBC's the Hour developed an operation drop disk initiative. At that time he urged people to create mixed music (compilation) audio CDs and leave them somewhere in a public place for an unknown person to pick up and listen to. On the CDs was the website address and a name of the disk, each of which was registered on the disk website for the finders to look up and post a comment.

As part of our ongoing music psychology course we have decided to replicate the drop disk program and create, register and drop disks around the local area. Here is where you will find descriptions of the disks and the comments of those who have found them and sent an email to the course coordinator.



 If you have found a disk
 look below for a listing of the disk and then send your comments to tonks (at) camosun.bc.ca
and we will post your comments on this page.



Disk Drop projects:      2008,   2011,   201220132014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.