Social Change & Music


Music has been associated  with social change both as a result and as an initiator.

Kurt Lewin was an architect behind social change movements in psychology
through his pioneering action research

Here are some links to videos that show social change & music
Greg's List

Pete Seeger

Lanour Movement - Solidarity Forever

Phil Ochs

Paul Robeson  PBS story
The Man
The house I live in

Supporting those in need around the world

Live Aid 1985

we are the world


Feminist Movement

I am Woman - Helen Ready

Punk as  protest against classism and unemployment

London Calling

Music against Racism
Billie Holiday Strange Fruit -

Rock Again Racism London 1978

HIP hop -NWA etc is a political movement as well

F*ck Tha Police

Straight outta Compton

Gay liberation Movement

I will survive
Same Love

French Canadian Identity
Gilles Vigneault Mon Pays  Quebec Cultural Revival

Patsy Gallant - New York to LA

Michele Richard Je Suis libre

Harmonium -
         Pour un instant

Jazz and Afro-American Identity

John Ellison - Some kind of wonderful CBC-The sunday edition

Bird & Diz
Sonny - Tenor Madness

Miles & Trane - So What

Trane - my favourite things

            Giant Steps

            Afro Blue

Trane & Dolphy Impressions

Go Orcherstra Yusef Lateef

Anti War
The Universal Soldier

Country Joe and              Vietnam song at Woodstock
Beatles Revolution -
    All you Need is Love -
Give Peace a Chance link the "Bed in" Montreal
John Lennon -   Imagine   link
  So this is christmas

Bruce Cockburn - If I had a Rocket Launcher      

  Call it Democracy

Race relations  - Red Brother -Red sister
        If A tree Falls  ...
        End of All Rivers


Indigenous Rights and Reconcilliation & MMIWG

A Tribe Called Red - sisters; Red Dress ; Stadium PowWow
CBC Reclaimed - Radio - Internet

Stolen Land

 White middleclass baby-boomer social revolutions

Dylan - blowing in the wind
Beach Boys Good Vibrations                                         
 Barabara Ann > Surfin USA > California girls > little deuce coup

Monterrey pop Festival

    Janice Joplin - Big Brother & The Holding Company -
            Ball & Chain  WOW!

    Jimi Hendrix - Wild Thing !!!!!!
Guitar Sacrifice

    Jefferson Airplane -
                            White Rabbit

    Simon & Garfunkle

        Country Joe & The Fish


Slick plots against Nixon's War On Drugs

White Rabbit - Woodstock 1969

The Grateful Dead!  & the Psychedelic Revolution
    Acid Tests
    Electric Koolaide Acid Test
        Merry Pranksters

Ken Kesey on the acid tests
    Richard Alpert

story with Maharaji
    Paul McCartney

Live at Old Renaissance faire grounds Veneta Ore. 8-27-72
    Dark Star

Sunshine Daydream the grateful dead movie

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Denmark 4-17-72 whole show
                Truckin' 72
bring me back home

Dead  Dark Star > Other one

St, Stephen > Not Fade> St. Stephen 1977

Morning Dew, 5/8/77

Live in Egypt 1978 Fire on the mountain

Truckin'> Smokestack 90

Grateful Dead* - Fare Thee Well - 7-5-2015 - Full show - Soundboard

Grateful Dead* Santa Clara 6-27-2015 Full Show

* Trey Anastasio playing the Jerry Parts

Cross-Roads Festivals ......

Rock Me Baby - BB KING et al.


In a category on its own Harlem Shakes (caution adults only ;-) )


Next Topic Behaviour and movement

Next week you will need to find and share some information on some aspect of movement and music, and bring a musical sample. 
Sometimes it is used to generate movement, sometimes to assist it. Learning and conditioning applied to gambling, hockey games, cheers, rowing songs, work songs, hiking songs, traveling songs, music to express emotions or thoughts through movement, arts and music, painting, poetry, dance, martial arts ......

Here are some behaviours and movements that shown with music that us used to relax and generate flow and balance, mediation.

Tai Chi Applications

Fa Jing Silk Reeling taiji