Music, Therapy, & Wellness


Music Therapy

        -Depression & Mood
        -Developmental disabilities
        -Couples and families
        -Relaxation and stress-reduction

       -Stroke and Parkinson's
Alive inside
        -Physical rehabilitation & exercise
        -Behaviour Modification
            Bio-Feedback and relaxation
            Overcoming phobias, anxiety,         


        -Cultural differences

Music Therapy has been used for a variety of disorders including Autism Spectrum, Anxiety and Depression, PTSD, as well as dementia and other brain injuries. VCM - MTABC.

Healing Music

   -Sound Tables
   - Healing Bowls
   -Singing and Chanting


Music and the basis of human being

   - Overview of course material
    -Consideration of the fundamentals of music and human nature
    -Introduction to final Projects