For over 15 years I have been invovled in the development and production of radio shows for CMKO and podcast for class and internet consumption.

Here is a list of some of the podcasts and radio shows that I have produced (More coming....)

Radio Shows for psychology courses - produced through , Camosun Radio. 

Epistemology & Ontology
Conversation with Gary Anderson 

Kurt Danziger  (June 12, 2003)
His contributions to historical psychology 

Vicente Ricalo (June 2004) on Language idoms
Translation and Interpretation in Santiago de Cuba

Canadian Identity (pt 1)
Series with Gary Anderson

Canadian Identity (pt. 2) (June 2002)
The role of Hockey in Canadian Identity

Canadian Identity (pt 3) (June 2004/May 2005)
New Foundland Identity! ( not Canadian)

Canadian Identity (pt 4) (June 2004/May 2005)
Hockey in Canada and New Foundland