Built upon the Taoist cosmology, as with Chinese Medicine and T'ai Chi
the principles of yin and yang and the five correspondences play important roles

Chinese calendar divides the year into 24 seasonal markers that are based upon
the cycles of the sun and the moon. Important ones are the Coming of Spring
(changing of energy cycles) and the summer solstice and autumn festival.

Chinese new year is the first new moon of the winter following the solstice

Placing one's life in harmony with the celestial events is important
as it also is important to find harmony in the external environment
and one's internal (home or business) environment.

The energy of the earth goes through cycles too, where the 9 cycles identify the most and least prosperous times for buildings constructed at various times. One also examines the direction of the building using a geomantic compass. A geomantic chart is produced for the building as well for each room.

In evaluating the External Environment it is important to pay attention to the:
1) Mountain Environments - (Dragon veins) showing five elements
Safety and protection are primary should be cradling the site like arms

2) Water environments where they can be destructive or benevolent.

3) Vegetation and Animals - not too dry, or too thick in plants but need
trees and animals like deer, foxes, monkeys or wolves to sense nearby.

4) Types of land use around your building - Mirror making "fire", poles, wires,
no grave yards etc.(past or present), no prisons, no garbage dumps nor butchers

In evaluating the internal environment the following are important
1) Shape of the house - no triangular houses, or fortress like irregular (L H).

2) Floor Plan -
- Entrance very important energy flows in - need spreading not funnel in/out
- Corridors - conduits of energy move it throughout home - long ->squeeze
- Stairways also conduits of energy - no spiral or narrow- need gentle rise
- Garage - should be separate from house
- Position of Kitchen wrong place will lead to illness, shielded from entrance
should be in centre of house, not exposed on two or more sides
- Bedroom(s) - only one door, not face stairs, regular symmetrical room

3) Frontage and Driveway front yard should be smaller than back, smooth short path to house, not leading away with path or driveway, need plants.

4) Interior Structures don't let fireplace dwarf rooms, no exposed beams

5) Building Materials - no bright red brick, reflective materials or glass walls

Good / Bad Mountains

Dragon veins are the ridges of mountains that reflect the flow
of breath from a dragon. Wanting to have smooth flow without loss or chaos.

-a strong veins flows in organised fashion with many branches
-Emerging dragon - birth of dragon, youthful and strong
-Prosperity Dragon - cradling and protecting building on foundation

Good / Bad Waters Traffic flow

avoid water falls and street that are busy or steep

fast flowing is yin in nature and draws away energy

avoid houses where water flows up, near crashing waves or dead end of street

good to stay near smooth flowing water that 'collects' nearby (downstream)

water that laps gently is good or if has surface patterns like dragon,