The Correspondences of Chinese Cosmology

-Universe is a vast indivisible entity (undifferentiated substance) or Wu-Chi

-Each specific being has its own function that must exist in harmony  with all other things else there be chaos, catastrophe and sickness. Thus mankind must adjust completely with respect to the five elements or correspondences.

The elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water are bound to a chain  of consequences that correspond to each of their natures, and them all together.

They each are created and destroyed by another in sequence of presentation:
Wood creates fire Jupiter Magnanimity and gentleness
Fire creates earth  Mars Pioneer and instigator
Earth creates metal Saturn Natural dignity and authority
Metal creates water Venus  Sensuous enjoyment & wars of jurisdiction
Water creates wood Mercury Intelligence, dangers and retreat 

Wood destroys earth
Earth destroys water
Water destroys fire
Fire destroys metal
Metal destroys wood
[Table of Correspondences]

These are the basis tenets of Chinese Medicine, Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Feng~Shui